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عقدت بكه دورة تدريبية بعنوان ®ITIL في مدينة الرياض لمجموعة من المتدربين من تخصصات ومناصب وظيفية مختلفة. وامتدت دورة ®ITIL لمدة ثلاثة أيام تدريبية بإجمالي 21 ساعة. ولقد حصل كل متدرب على شهادة حضور دورة ®ITIL من بكه.

دورة ®ITIL

موجهة للعاملين والمهتمين في إدارة وخدمات تقنية المعلومات، وتهدف دورة  ®ITIL إلى وضع تطبيقات وممارسات داخل المؤسسة لتكون خدمات تقنية المعلومات متوافقة مع احتياجات المؤسسة.

ITIL® Definition

ITIL®, formerly an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library®, is a set of practices for IT service management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business.

Course Objective

Builds your knowledge and skills
ITIL® Foundation is an entry-level qualification for ITIL® through which professionals can get a general overview of the key elements, concepts and terminology used in the ITIL® Service Lifecycle.

Improves your work performance
By understanding the fundamentals of ITIL® training course, you can make a knowledgeable contribution to IT services in your company.

Opens up opportunities
The ITIL® Foundation credential is the first step towards gaining holistic knowledge of IT Service Management, which is usually required for senior roles in companies. With the credential, you can improve your career prospects in IT Service Management.

Encourages learning
The ITIL® Foundation certification is a prerequisite to pursue higher ITIL® credentials, and is a starting point to expand your knowledge of IT Service Management.

ITIL® Foundation Training Course Outline

Service Management Lifecycle

– Principles of Service Management

– The Processes

– The ITIL® Service Lifecycle

Service Strategy

– Introduction to Service Strategy

– Key Concepts of Service Strategy

– Service Strategy Processes

– Demand Management

– Service Portfolio Management

– Financial Management

– Business Relationship Management

Service Design

– Introduction to Service Design

– Key Concepts of Service Design

– Service Design Processes

– Service Catalogue Management

– Service Level Management

– Supplier Management

– Capacity Management

– Availability Management

– IT Service Continuity Management

– Information Security Management

– Design Co-ordination

Service Transition

– Introduction to Service Transition

– Key Principles & Models of Service Transition

– Service Transition Processes

– Transition, Planning and Support

– Change Management

– Service Asset and Configuration

– Management

– Release and Deployment Management – Knowledge Management

Service Operations

– Introduction to Service Operations

– Service Operations Processes

– Event Management

– Problem Management

– Request Fulfillment

– Access Management

– Service Operations Functions

Continual Service Improvement

– Introduction to Continual Service Improvement

– Key Principles and Models of Continual Service Improvement

ITIL® Foundation Practice Exams

– Review of Key Concepts

– Review of ITIL® Practice Exam Results

– ITIL® Foundation Certification Examination

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