For many managers, failure to achieve their business goals cannot be tolerated, yet, they unlikely won’t focus on adjusting their Management’s Method to overcome any further obstacles they would possibly face. Those in charge, mostly believe their business problems don’t need a true change in strategies, even though the main block could be the management process in the first place.


A long-term training course which discusses the management common failures is not preferred for most managers. And this is understandable when quick results are needed to show up, or the spare time is very limited.


CHAMPS2, is – mostly – a short-term training course that delivers a whole complete vision for managers and their projects. It’s described as a transformation method based on Change Management Process which helps identifying business goals, and ensuring the outcomes are completely achieved.


The importance of CHAMPS2 method is that it can be very helpful in reducing risk and cost through guidance, gives the trainees the leadership soul to control and allow a Change Management capability within the company.


CHAMPS2 is a method of eight phases:

Phase 0 – Transformation Initiation:

In this phase, managers/leaders specify the strategic needs and outcomes.


Phase 1 – Visioning

Here, the vision is comprised and a model for the future organization is outlined.


Phase 2 – Shaping and Planning

In phase 2, we specify the program that will help achieving the goals determined in the previous phases, by deciding the scope and solutions using a logical model.


Phase 3 – Design

Now, in this phase, we design solutions to achieve goals to deliver desired outcomes. This is done using Logical Design and Functional Specifications to determine how solutions should operate.


Phase 4 – Creation and Realization

After the design is completed, we, in this phase, will convert it to reality, that includes the company processes and technology.


Phase 5 – Proving and Transition

In this phase, the solution will be under more testing before being transferred to business.


Phase 6 – Stabilization

After the solution is implemented, there is a time for stabilization to make sure the new solution and the organization is united.


Phase 7 – Benefits Realization

In the final phase, we make sure all transformation benefits are achieved for the organization.


In KSA, Bakkah Inc., the Training Center, is holding the training course offering many options, including the wish to personalize the course (Getting assessment before start or having a tailored curriculum.. etc.) Bakkah CHAMPS2 Training Course duration is only 5 days, in which all phases will be discussed thoroughly. This course can benefit various people in various positions including Change Manager, Transformation Manager, Program Managers, Project Managers, Project Coordinators and Project Planners.

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