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PMO Advisory .. What is Project Management Office Advisory

The expansion of companies and the never-ending change in business demands have forced organizations worldwide to transition from a traditional operational management approach to more of a project management approach. Which in return meant the need to handle more projects both small and large, along...

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PMO tools Implementation

Business Growth requires the need for a clear communication and task management. Also, the number of local organizations is growing rapidly and on a daily basis; which leads to many projects, tasks, risk analysis plans, scheduling and distinct resources that need to be monitored properly by the proj...

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3 Simple Steps to Assess High Potential Employees

26 Sep 2018

We live in a time in which the standard of success in business changes dramatically and become more dependent on the HR department success. Leaders are the most responsible for the success of any business. Therefore, one of the hardest things is to make the right decision when choosing the employees...

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