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Business Operating Model (BOM)

30 Apr 2016

The main goal of any firm is to satisfy its customers and clients. This satisfaction is achieved through performing complex various operations in terms of technology, individuals, geographic location, organizational structure and many other things. How is it possible for the employees to understa...

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Center of Excellence (CoE) in PMO

Projects are everywhere. Some are successful, some fail. In retrospect, most have had some room for improvement. Even experienced project managers and project teams need assistance from time to time. A Project Management Center of Excellence is a proven organizational resource that ensures better pe...

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Importance of training needs analysis (TNA) for your Business

29 Feb 2016

Effective training or development depends on knowing what is required for the individual, the department and the organization as a whole. With limited budgets and the need for cost-effective solutions, all organizations need to ensure that the resources invested in training are targeted at area...

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