What is Assessment and Development Centers?

It is a series of techniques like simulations and psychometric testing with a time span of one or two days, or even half a day, and are designed to assess an individual’s competence against a current or future role. Using formal processes, the simulations are observed and evaluated by experienced assessors and the findings are delivered to participants with outcomes and steps to be taken.

Bakkah Inc. provides a unique assessment service in which it sets the foundation for the individual to uphold accountability for his/her own development and provides transparent promotion decisions. This service includes job analysis, observations, reporting, and recommendations.


  • To make the right decision regarding targeted development and promotions.
  • To reduce cost of wrongful or inadequate hiring or promotions.
  • To allow employees to gain a deeper insight into their own developmental needs and potential career paths.
  • To allow for an objective opinion about the employees.


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