Assessment Services

Current Employee Assessments

Your current junior employees are tomorrow’s leaders. But how can you discover the hidden potential in them? current performance is a major indicator for future potential but is that enough? Do your employees have the right competencies and drivers to achieve your business needs? Do you all share the same purposes and objectives?

We at Bakkah can help you identifying and developing your current talents by assessing them, their jobs and their relationship with the organization.

Our services include:  

  1. Employee Engagement Assessment:

A lot of organizations apply different incentives and benefits without having the expected return out of them. Normally that occurred because of employee disengagement to the organizations and its goals & objectives.

Engagement is the emotional commitment that we have to the organization and organization’s goals to work all time with same high efforts.

Why my employees are not responding to the incentives put to drive their performance?

Because expectation and motivation factors are not identified in the line of organizations goals Consequently, employees don’t achieve discretionary efforts.

Bakkah Employee Engagement Assessment can help you measure the intrinsic drivers in your employees and identify what is preventing them from doing their job. But this is not enough! Therefore, Bakkah will help you to align business outcomes with individual’s goals and needs. By doing so, you will build the right incentive to motivate them achieving their goals by achieving yours. Not to mention your ability to make wiser investments and better company culture.

Facts: Companies with engaged employees has stock price 5 times higher than companies with disengaged employees

  1. Training Need Analysis (TNA)

TNA identifies the difference between the standard of performance being achieved and the standard of performance desired. The gap in between considered as “Training Gap” which can be translated to missing knowledge, skill and abilities that are required to achieve the desired results.

In Bakkah we will not only help you to identify these gaps but also will help you draw an action plan to fulfill them and coach you to evaluate the progress resulted from the accurate selection of training.

This will result in avoiding providing training just for its sake. And will contribute in making wise training investment decision.