Without data, your company cannot survive. Data drives your operational and tactical decisions, and it enables you to manage your supply chains, create stronger customer relationships with targeted promotions, and ensure that your employees have the information they need to get their jobs done. Yet, 50% of them rate their ability to use this data as primitive or basic. The other half of companies gaining massive advantages are the ones that have figured out how to fully leverage their data. On average, organizations report having seen a 26% improvement in their overall performance because of big data, and they expect to see an improvement of 41% over the next three years.

We at Bakkah can help you establish sustainable and efficient data management through the Data Management Maturity model (DMM). The model can help kick off your data management program by clearly outlining the importance of a solid strategy. You’ll benchmark yourself against best practices and see how where your organization stands. In addition, we will help you determine the strengths and gaps of your data management.

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