What is HR Department Assessment?

It is an assessment that evaluates an organization’s strategical and operational HR policies, practices and processes. Bakkah Inc. role focuses on key HR department delivery areas (e.g., recruiting—both internal and external, employee retention, compensation, employee benefits, performance management, employee relations, training and development). In addition, our assessment will review current HR indicators (e.g., number of unfilled positions, the time it takes to fill a new position, turnover, employee satisfaction, internal grievances filed, number of legal complaints, absenteeism rates).


  • To measure how much the HR Department is participating/contributing to the achievement of an organization’s strategic goals.
  • To quantify the results of the HR department’s initiatives and provides a road map for necessary changes.
  • To help the organization achieve and maintain world-class HR practices.
  • To ensure the organization’s compliance with rules and regulations pertaining to employment, benefits and safety laws.
  • To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of all policies starting from recruitment until evaluation.
  • To provide direction and guidance for employees in dealing with complex issues.


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