What is TNA?

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is the method of determining which of the employees needs training and what kind of training they need. It is a method that seeks to accurately identify the level difference between the present situation and the desired status found in target surveys, interview, observation, secondary data and/or workshop. This gap may indicate a problem that signifies a need for training. At Bakkah Inc., we consider the current status of a business in comparison with its needs and try to bridge the gap through utilizing the best training methods which suits the current competencies with cost efficiency.


  • To avoid providing training just for its sake and to focus on the real needs of the employees.
  • To provide cost effective training through “spelled-out” and specific training courses.
  • To target areas with greater needs and to provide them with the best suited trainings.
  • To provide information on the organization’s climate and to identify performance gaps.
  • To separate the symptoms from the causes.
  • To facilitate commitment for managers and trainees, since the training objectives and the desired competencies are accurately defined.


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