What is the Job Evaluation?

It is a process that determines the relative worth of each job by establishing a hierarchy of jobs within an organization. It is the key to establishing a fair and equitable salary structure. Job evaluation methods can be quantitative, qualitative or a combination of both.

Non quantitative job evaluation methods attempt to establish a relative order for jobs, whereas quantitative methods attempt to establish how much more one job is worth compared with another job by using a scaling system.

We at Bakkah Inc. believe that regardless what type your organization is, each job contributes to your organization’s strategic goals.

What is the job Grading?

It is a group of different but internally equivalent jobs. Grades enable flexibility and internal equity in an organization by providing a framework in which equivalent jobs are treated equally for pay purposes. Grades also establish a promotional ladder for employees.

Why is it important?

  • To ensure pay equity among employees.
  • To control pay expenses.
  • To raise employees’ morale as a result of a fair pay structure.


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