One of the most challenging situations that any HR Manager can face is having an argument if the organization’s employees are getting paid fairly. HR Manager must ensure salary equity internally and competitiveness externally.

We at Bakkah can design a salary structure for all jobs in your organization by which you will ensure having the right pay for each job. This will help you to attract the right talents and retain the current ones

Our Services Include:

  1. Job Evaluation: Each job inside the organization will be assessed and weighted by Bakkah consulting team using the point factor method in order to measure each job value to the organization. Each job will be assigned a number of points that reflect its worth to the organization based on customized criteria. Accordingly, you will be able to determine which jobs shall be paid more than the others and why.
  2. Job Grading: Rather than having one salary grade for all the organization, companies tend to have several job grades / job families as it is much easier to apply reword, talent and performance management for grades than applying them for each job. Bakkah team can help you to determine all jobs that are weighted similarly and engaged in similar work criteria and combine them in a differentiated job grades.
  3. Salary Benchmark: After ensuring that jobs are paid fairly inside the organization, Bakkah can help you benchmark your salary scale with organizations in similar industry at the market in order to make sure that you pay competitive salaries comparing to the market. Moreover, we will help you to determine your pay philosophy either to lead, match or lag the market.
  4. Salary Structuring: we will help you to determine the salary range (minimum, midpoint and maximum) for each grade and most importantly, we can provide you with customized solutions to those who are above or below the salary range in accordance with your pay philosophy.


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