What is the Authority Matrix (DoA)?

It is an arrangement where the decision making is divided in different levels to empower specialized tasks.  The division of authority includes different areas such as responsibility, accountability, support, consultation and finally information sharing (RACI/RASCI).

Responsibility would be from the person who is responsible for the one who is delivering the job, i.e. the reporting manager.

Accountability is directly associated with the person who delivers the job.

Consulting: Every job would require a certain degree of indirect association, i.e. through consulting where the employee may not be responsible for the end result yet is required to recommend.

Information sharing: Finally, information sharing about a task under process is essential for employees who might be associated with the process and would be required to respond.

Bakkah Inc. provides designing delegation of Authority Matrix (DoA) service, in which we will act on your behalf to determine both administrative and financial authorities for key positions within your organization.


  • To minimize workload on managers.
  • To avoid conflict of interests.
  • To provide on job training and coaching for potential first line managers.
  • To improving team’s efficiency and decision making via contribution of more than one team member.
  • To assign tasks to roles not to persons.


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