What is Succession Planning?

It is a future-focused practice of identifying the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform certain functions and then developing a plan to prepare multiple individuals to potentially perform those functions. Succession planning is used by organizations to identify and prepare suitable employees to fill key positions when current employees leave their jobs. An effective manpower planning process will include a review of key leadership and business-critical roles and will identify key incumbents able to progress into these roles.

We at Bakkah Inc. will help you tailor a productive and smooth succession plan for your business.

 Why is Manpower Planning important to your organization?

  • To align leadership with strategic needs of its organization and the developmental needs for its executive/management staff.
  • To ensure a smooth continuation of business when key players depart or transfer.
  • To establish a link between an identified leadership’s essential knowledge, skills and abilities to KPIs of potential candidates.
  • To assist in preemptive preparations for unexpected vacancies.
  • To help a continuous business growth.


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