How do you communicate your organization’s identity to your current employees and targeted candidates? A lot of organizations nowadays are trying to communicate their reputation in the form of what is called Employer Value Proposition. For targeted employees and candidates this is interpreted as “How does it look like to be an employee at this organization?” It is a conscious corporate-wide strategy designed to make a company image as “a great place to work.”

Attracting and retaining the right talent is becoming a fundamental differentiation between organizations. Most of organizations are moving away from short term recruitment to long term employer branding focus by becoming an employer of choice.

At Bakkah we can help you building a successful employer branding strategy by which you will be able to identify your targeted group of people, understand them and their drivers, optimize your employer value proposition with them, select KPIs and measure the progress. By that you will attract the maximum number of your targeted candidates and retain your talent employees with a tangible reduction of cost and turnover rates.

Some of the characteristics of companies implementing employer branding strategies are:

  • College students consistently rank it amongst the top desirable companies.
  • Job advertisements bring a huge amount of responses.
  • The organization is a benchmarked destination for best practices.
  • Using the organization’s products/services is considered a sign of class.
  • Great people management is measured & rewarded.

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