Are your employees’ have a vague feeling if their actions and behaviors are aligned with the organization’s guidelines? Do your employees know how to make rational decision in uncertainty situation? Do you have an area for misusing any of the company assists or benefits? Do you receive several numbers of incompliant incidents with labor law?

If your answer is “Yes” for any of above questions, most probably your organization does not have an effective HR Manual.

The HR manual form the backbone of an organization. It consisted of several documents that includes all the details regarding the treatment to be given to the employees in the organization and help the employees in recognizing the culture of the organization and external legal constraints.

Having an HR Manual from day one will help you to ensure:

  • Meeting your basic legal obligations.
  • Helping your people to make consistent and reliable decisions which promotes a culture of fairness
  • Establishing a clear understanding of expectations, rules and consequences.
  • Minimizing the incidence of people reverting to their own set of rules which in turn reduces disputes or grievances caused by confusion.

We at Bakkah can help you to establish a robust, customized and culture reflecting HR Manual that you can use to manage your people on a day to day basis.

Our services include:

  1. HR Policies, Processes and Forms:

like a compass, the “policy” gives the organization a general direction. We will help you to build your HR policy (rules & guidelines) that reflect the organizational culture and Saudi Labor Law. Then we will help you to identify all of HR processes explaining “How” any of HR requirements can be achieved in step by step approach in addition to establishing the forms and templates needed to facilitate adhering these rules.

  1. Employee Handbook:

With employees, especially new joiners, as main audience, we can help you to establish your employee handbook that consisted of straightforward layout used to familiarize employees with basic company policies and benefit programs as well as the general expectations of the company, including acceptable and unacceptable behavior and disciplinary measures.

  1. Authority Matrix / Delegation of Authority (DoA)

When it is not clear who is responsible for what or who is the owner of specific process, here is where Bakkah consulting team can help you designing a delegation of Authority Matrix (DoA) by which you will be able to determine both administrative and financial authorities for each of key positions within your organization. Moreover, we will identify different areas of authority for each of them using RACI/RASCI Models defining who is responsible, accountable, supporter, consultant and authorized of information sharing for each process.


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