When your organization is designed in a way to fulfill your business goals, that is called organizational desing. However, a lot of changes in external and internal factors can force you to restructure your organization in order to keep the momentum of your organizational performance.

We at Bakkah can help you to prepare organizational design & restructuring in 3 steps:

  1. Developing the Operating Model: The operating model shall answer the following question: how you are planning to operate your business? Several factors shall be defined to create the operating model that can fit today’s purpose and be flexible for future changes. These factors such as organization’s main operations, operations integration, geographic distribution, sales & services channels, outsourcing functions and supply chain style etc.
  2. Designing the Organizational Structure: Bakkah consulting team can design a detailed organizational structure in alignment with the operating model, putting a transformation plan for the new structure and preparing communication & change management plan.
  3. Developing Roles & Responsibilities: After having all departments defined in the structure, Bakkah team will identify the roles & responsibilities for each one of them explaining the main expectation and authorities assigned to each department.

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