What is the HR Strategy?

It is a future-oriented process of developing and implementing HR programs that solve and address business problems and directly contribute to major long-term business goals and objectives. It also includes developing a plan for HR initiatives to achieve and promote the behaviors, culture and competencies needed to achieve organizational goals.

While defining the HR strategy for an organization, Bakkah Inc. focuses on the critical goals of the organization, performance drivers for each goal, measurement of progress and obstacles present to the achievement of each goal.


The closer the alignment between HR and an organization’s overall business strategy, the better the company’s ability to anticipate and respond to customer needs and to maintain a competitive advantage. The benefits of defining an HR strategy include, but not limited to, the following:

  • To avoid costly and disruptive surprises that interfere with achieving organization’s goals.
  • To address key issues in a timely manner to avoid any crisis.
  • To promote employee productivity and overall organizational success.
  • To provide a sense of direction for a positive effect on work implementation.
  • To keep employees focused on organizational goals.
  • To provide a strategic focus and guidance for training and development initiatives.
  • To give leaders a set of tools necessary to aide them in the implementation of their strategic initiatives.


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