Strategy Consulting

SMO Setup & Operating Model

The Strategy Management Office (also know as the Office of Strategy Management) is the backbone of strategy formulation and execution. The roles of the SMO include leading and the strategy development, communicating the strategy, aligning and cascading the strategy, managing the strategy execution, evaluating performance and reviewing the strategy.

The SMO is a key factor for successful strategy implementation and hence it is critical that the SMO is designed and operated in the right way. Typical SMO functions include strategic planning, business intelligence, performance management and strategic alignment.

We at Bakkah can support you to setup the SMO and identify the appropriate SMO operating model for your organization. Aspects that we look at when developing the SMO include:

  • Organizational strategy and culture.
  • Organizational governance and policies.
  • Organizational structure and responsibilities.
  • SMO mandate or scope of the work.
  • Key processes that deliver SMO values.
  • Targeted stakeholders.
  • Required capabilities.
  • Required tools and technologies.


We can also support you in developing the strategy planning guide for your organization to guide your team in managing and updating the strategy, this guide typically include:

  • Organizational assessment toolkit.
  • Developing the balanced scorecard.
  • Detailing the KPIs and initiatives.
  • Strategy cascading and alignment.
  • Strategy communication.
  • Prioritization and transformation roadmap.
  • Budgeting and resource allocation.
  • Performance management


The key benefits of SMO setup and operating model are:


Lead the strategy development activities.

Control the strategic changes and updates.

Analyze and manage strategic performance.

Ensure strategic alignment.


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