Today’s complex media, business and political environment lead to more intense competition for audience ever-shrinking attention. Here comes the role of strategic communications to create two-way communication between an organization and its most important audience and stakeholders. 

Our new service provides value that complements your organization's Public Relations. Our professionals are experts, with extensive, practical experience in applying that expertise to generate a decisive impact, increase your visibility and sales, cultivate new relationships, and protect your organization's reputation in times of change.  

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Basic Elements of Strategic Communications

  • Organization’s mission statement as the blueprint for communications
  • Identifying key themes
  • Maintaining consistent messages for organizational strategies and business objectives
  • Keeping messages clear and simple

Service Breakdown

  • Corporate Reputation
  • Crisis Communications
  • Digital Strategy
  • Financial Communications
  • Public & Government Affairs
  • Transaction Communications

Benefits of Strategic Communications

  • Develop and implement internal and external communications strategies.
  • Provide counsel and strategic communications recommendations.
  • Create marketing strategies that will drive messaging to aid in growth objectives.
  • Plan brand strategy, including brand refresh and ensuring brand integrity.
  • Lead media relations efforts, cultivate media relationships and track media outcomes.
  • Create recommendations on mission, vision and values creation or adjustment.
  • Provide communication recommendations to assist in messaging to key audiences.
  • Establish metrics to measure strategy outcomes.
  • Edit and proofread materials including proposals and reports.

Bakkah Management Consulting Methodology

it contains 4 steps and 10 perspectives

Building Capabilities

  • Professional Programs
  • Executive Programs
  • Customized Programs
  • Exams & Certifications
  • Professionals Outsourcing
  • Executive Headhunting
  • Board Services

Sustainable Value Creation

  • Strategy Development
  • Corporate Governance
  • Frameworks & Methedologies
  • Organizational Design
  • SMO, PMO & HR Setup
  • Total Reward Management
  • Dashboards & Reports