Education Consulting

Based on our long journey in the education field and the accumulation of experiences in developing all the main pillars and aspects of developing its capabilities to align with customers’ requirements and meeting all their needs, we at Bakkah have established educational consulting services.

We at Bakkah aim, through educational consultations, to spread its assets of expertise and knowledge to develop the educational sector and promote the culture of exchanging experiences between educational institutions. In addition, we aim to help its clients to adopt educational best practices and the most advanced learning methodologies in the educational sector.

Therefore, based on the current state assessment, we at Bakkah can support you in Education management & development activities including:

Learning & Development Plans: Providing you an effective Plan for training and development to support you achieving your human resources capabilities' targets.

Learning Solutions Design: Design suitable unique solutions fitting your needs based on the current state assessment provided in advance and focus on all learning solutions aspects such as user engagement, content, and delivery methods.

Coaching and Mentoring: Providing you a Mentorship to help you leading the transformation journey in your organization, also coaching you during the execution of the projects and tasks that will guide you to grow.

Training Centers Setup: Supporting you to establish your own training center tailoring the best practice to be fit for your strategic goals in parallel with governance needed to reach the highest possible maturity.

Training Centers Operation: Providing you techniques & knowledge to support your training center operations to be dynamic with planned level of quality.

Education Tools & Dashboard: Providing you required technologies to help you monitoring and controlling your training center activities.


The key benefits of Education consultations are:

Current state assessment clarify all aspects that need to be developed and suggest solutions.

Transforming to virtual training and initializing the needed infrastructure and provide all the supportive tools to maximize its benefit.

Establishing self-learning services to your costumers to enables our client to enter new markets and understand its patterns and Methodologies.

Developing Learning Content Development to expresses the strength knowledge of your organization and its capability to meet your customers’ expectations and fulfil their needs.

Talent Instructors acquisition who has the ability to deliver value to your costumers.

Combining between the academic knowledge and professional experience to create the perfect blend for developing human capital.

Creating a unique learning method such as interactive training and gamification.