Bakkah Inc. recognizes that Corporate Social Responsibility is a critical obligation from all organizations in Saudi Arabia for adding value and community services for the society and providing a sustainable development for the local economy. Accordingly it has put a lot of efforts in focusing on philanthropy and engaging with the community through incessantly and constantly introducing suitable CSR programs, which can help in addressing principal social concerns in the following domains:

1- Training courses provided for Students and Disabled trainees with encouraging fees.

2- Providing training course “dealing with disabilities in the workplace”.

3- Consulting services provided to charity organizations with minimal fees or free.


Training courses for Students & People with Special Needs

In Bakkah Inc. we believe that the way to consolidate our relationship with the local community starts by sharing knowledge and expertise. Students are the backbone of the country and starting with them is the first building block towards knowledgeable society, we offer a range of specialized training courses to provide new competencies to enable them the seeding interest they need.

Bakkah Inc. philosophy and its plans towards meeting its obligations to the community are based on a series of well-established values that govern all efforts. On that basis Bakkah Inc. provides the opportunity of attaining training courses for people with special needs.


Dealing with Disabilities in the workplace

Bakkah Inc. provides a unique workshops to help increase awareness, skills and confidence when dealing with disability in the workplace to enable their organizations to better understand the needs of disabled candidates, colleagues and customers, and the business case for addressing them.


Consulting services for charity organizations

There is no doubt that charity organizations provide great services to the community and practice its charity work so that all members of the society are blessed with their needs. This great work provided by these organizations is commendable but those organizations are still in need for continuous support that should enhance its performance in order to achieve its objectives.

Bakkah Inc. provides consulting services with minimal fees/free to support these organizations and enhance their capacity to achieve its goals and excel in its performance in serving the society.