Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We at Bakkah are part of this community, and one of our undisputable values is to strive to promote knowledge. From this standpoint, we have created this program will enable us to offer our expertise and capabilities for this community.

  • Our Society: To support the community by committing more efforts and assets to helping the non-profit sector, charities, and people with physical or mental impairments. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we make all our products and services more accessible by offering these at low or zero cost to people and organizations as part of our community service.
  • Our Planet: To minimize the impact of business on the environment using sustainable energy, responsible water use, recycling, and proper waste disposal.
  • Our Employees: Provide employees with a healthy working environment to let them work comfortably and deliver their best performance. Also, to give employees the opportunity to grow, enhance their skills and knowledge to become productive members of the organization and the community.

Our Society

Our Planet

Our Employees

The “ Giving ” Program

10% of Bakkah net profit will be granted to serve our CSR initiatives.