Custom training

65% of our clients prefer customized and private courses
Try it yourself and see the results!

At Bakkah Inc. we understand no two people learn the same way. To help you meet your training goals, we provide a comprehensive One-to-One learning experience to effectively maximize your potential.

Customized training is delivered individualised. It is tailored to your specific requirements in order to deliver the training content that you want.

As you are the only learner in your session, you can go ahead and get creative as much as you desire! The trainer will give you guidance prior to the course to ensure that your mix of topics and required levels of competence are possible within the allocated time.

When Should You Take Customized Training
  • You prefer to bring your work cases to get REAL immediate results.
  • You wish to have a customized training for you and few people with you.
  • You rather have the training days distributed every Thursday / Friday.
  • You want to go quicker or slower than a standard course.
  • You already know the basics, and want to learn more advanced topics and explains.
  • You like the training in a quiet setup, away from the anxious trainees.
  • You can’t make any of the dates advertised for our courses.


What Special About Customized Training Is
  • Highly skilled trainers.
  • 90 days support assistance after your course.
  • Receive ALL your exercise files on a CD to continue practicing back at your desk.
  • Certificate of completion.
  • Licenses for Software needed.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with any aspect of your course.
  • Refreshments included.


Why Bakkah’s Customized Training
  • 96% of our delegates rate our courses as very good or higher.
  • Experience in tailoring training courses.
  • Online eTraining Portal for practicing and extra resources.
  • Invaluable resources.
  • Experts in having best learning outcomes.
  • And more..