Human Resources and Organization Development Consulting Methodology

Our methodology provides the structure for efficient engagements with consistent outcomes while allowing for the flexibility needed to accommodate each individual client’s situation and preferred approach.

Our Human Resources and Organization Development Advisory Services help clients create and realize their strategic plans, and achieve greater levels of effectiveness and productivity in their organization.

The Human Resources and Organization Development Advisory Services team provides comprehensive consultation along with customized products, services, and results-based solutions to assist clients achieve success.

Based on a strategy-driven approach and building further on the principles of the learning organization, we support you in your growth to an even more effective organization.

With Bakkah Inc., we help you reap the benefits of enhanced business capabilities

all under one umbrella of services.


Our approach to organizational development involves the following keys to building high performance organizations:

Identifying opportunities to help achieve your business objectives is difficult. Receiving approval to move forward with these opportunities sometimes proves even more difficult. At Bakkah Inc., we find that organizations ask for expert assistance in developing business cases because they:

    • Strategic Planning: Articulating strategy is the basis of any Human Resources and Organization Development Advisory Service. In many cases, an organization’s strategy is already defined and a review of existing strategic choices is simply part of the Bakkah’s client intake process. When the situation requires, Bakkah provides strategy articulation services to help clients establish a strong foundation on which to develop core processes, organizational structure, workforce capability, and management systems. Working from a client’s mission and values, Bakkah helps clients form and articulate their strategies through providing planning sessions to achieve SWOTS analysis, develop vision, mission and value statements and build goals, strategies, objectives and measurable outcomes.
    • Organization current state assessment: We help clients assess and align the dynamics at work in their organizations to enhance success. Based on a clear mission, vision, and sound data-gathering, we support clients to assess performance, design strategies and implement action plans that enhance operating efficiency, develop leadership, improve teamwork, operationalize plans, measure success, and coordinate operations. Along the way, we help manage change, plan for succession, align structures and workflows, make decisions, develop leaders and solve problems in many areas.
    • Organization structuring / restructuring: Achieving success requires a holistic approach that incorporates organizational, process and a clear path to move the organization from where it is today to where it wants to be in the future. Bakkah Inc. Bakkah works with clients to analyze organizational structure; work distribution, work processes and helps them create new and improve existing organizational structures, implement strategies to enable the organizational change, create job/work redesign and/or streamlined job responsibilities and functions and manage key components of the business transformation process. Adjust your structure to maintain flexibility over time. Change is constant, so your structure will need to move with the changing market landscape to remain optimized. Ongoing organization structure reviews are important to make sure it remains effective.
    • Process Mapping: We can assist in defining and mapping processes, identifying customer needs and expectations, and redesigning processes and procedures for greater organizational efficiency.
    • Performance Management: We help our customers define and implement performance management practices and programs so that strategic goals are clearly defined and performance metrics and benchmarks are established. Whether managing performance at an organizational, program or project level, our proven methodologies begin with defining goals and desired outcomes, creating performance metrics that span the multiple dimensions of an organization, and measuring performance at multiple intervals. This includes creating and enhancing performance appraisal systems to ensure that they are supporting the ever-increasing need to achieve higher levels of performance and productivity. Services include competency identification, leadership coaching and training, goal setting and performance management training.
    • Change Management: OD demands change of some kind, and accepting that changes are required is the first step in making them a reality. We can help your organization to both recognize the need to change, and then ease the transition to new ways of working or interacting. Bakkah Inc. does this by helping you identify activities that will have the highest potential for change in your organization. We assist you in scheduling a realistic rate of change, and will facilitate group sessions to help increase everyone’s comfort with the planned changes.
    • Culture and Team Building: Bakkah Inc. experts will work with you to develop approaches that align the positions and attitudes of your teams with the culture of your organization, that is, its mission, vision and values. This may involve employee focus groups, improved corporate communication practices, and facilitated team building exercises that allow everyone an open, frank and respectful exchange of views. Training and Development Programs: Bakkah Inc. helps organizations sustain their OD by working with managers to scope and plan for organization’s continuous learning requirements. We develop plans and service agreements with organizations that create certainty around what learning programs are going to be delivered, when they will be delivered and how much they will cost.

At Bakkah Inc., we provide comprehensive Job Evaluations and develop Job Descriptions that are broad, descriptive, and flexible to enable adaptation to your organization’s changing needs. We work with our clients to develop effective templates, identify critical goals and unique qualifiers of their organizations. We also establish and connect each job duties to critical goals of organizations.

This process guarantees the alignment of each job to the overall success of the organization, while providing the details needed to support effective job performance. Every Job Evaluation/Description developed by Bakkah Inc.  includes the minimum criteria needed for incumbents to successfully perform on the job. This includes required knowledge, skills, abilities and appropriate reporting structures. Whether you need to start from scratch or update existing descriptions Bakkah Inc. can help.

Developing and maintaining appropriate salary structures for your organization is crucial to ensuring internally fair and externally competitive Salary Structure. We create custom base salary structures that combine market data with internal job valuation.

Bakkah Inc. helps clients ensure their pay strategy is designed and executed to meet business needs, Our experienced team provides Grading and Salary Structure consulting services tailored to organizations of all sizes, to support the design and implementation of workable and balanced Pay strategies.

Critical to the success of every project we undertake is obtaining a thorough understanding of the client’s goals, operations, and organizational structure. After a comprehensive review of the historical pay philosophy, pay practices are benchmarked against those in place within the market.

We then generate a report of findings summarizing all competitive benchmarking data. From here, we work with the client to recommend adjustments to their salary structures and specific incentive plan designs that support their Grading and Salary Scale philosophy.

Bakkah Inc. specializes in transforming the “people” side of our clients’ business in order to leverage their people assets for greater business success and mutual growth. Our aim is to create peace-of-mind for our clients.

Our team has extensive experience and a multi-disciplinary approach that enables us to provide advice on all aspects of Human Resources Management. Our team of professionals offers a full range of services – from unique strategic Human Resources solutions to tactical, daily Human Resources tools and systems to better run your organization.

Bakkah is committed to providing you with the service you need, when and where you need it. Whether you need ongoing support, consultation services or a temporary Human Resources staffing solution, we customize our services to your specific needs and stage of development. We shall be willing to assist and advise you on:

  • Organization or departmental review
  • Competency/skills analysis and job design
  • Creating Human Resources policies, procedures, and processes
  • Developing employment contracts
  • Developing and constructing employee manuals
  • Establishing performance evaluation systems
  • Optimizing training and development processes
  • Human Resources advisory services in all Human Resources areas

Startup Toolkit is an off-shelf solution for startups and small and medium companies who need to have a package of policies, processes and forms for their Human Resources and administration department that will help standardize and unify the work done.

The toolkit is designed to be simple, easy to use, and ready to upgrade when companies mature in their practices. It provides a quick and efficient means to support the day to day management of human resources and administration related matters and ensures uniformity and consistency in decision-making and operations.

We believe in transferring knowledge by working closely with our clients to localize the startup package through a series of workshop of knowledge transfer that eventually will equip them with the skill set required to perform future customization on all human resources and administration policies, processes and forms.