ITIL Service Strategy lies at the heart of the ITIL service management framework, a part of the Global Best Practice suite. IT executives, business leaders, and anyone involved in IT services, can use this publication as a guide to the best practices needed for a service strategy that delivers results and achieves business goals.

The service strategy stage of the ITIL service lifecycle is crucial for defining an IT service strategy that operates effectively within its business context. Valuable on its own, ITIL Service Strategy will give even greater benefits when used as part of the fully integrated approach described by the other core publications within the ITIL lifecycle suite.

This publication represents the combined experience and knowledge of practitioners from across the world, offering a framework for quality IT services, together with the processes, functions and capabilities needed to support them.

Key benefits

  • Describes a practical, step-by-step approach to develop an IT service strategy that will generate the right business outcomes
  • Recommends principles, processes and activities that can be put straight into practice
  • Identifies potential challenges, risks, and critical success factors
  • Targets improved customer satisfaction, reduced costs, and improved efficiency
  • Helps to identify business opportunities
  • Demonstrates the value of IT services by focusing on positive business outcomes
  • Encourages agility to respond to market changes and maintain critical competitive advantage.


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