Project/Program Management (PPM) Services

Bakkah Inc. assists companies in building and improving their Project Management & PMO in order to facilitate achieving their strategic objectives and operational excellence. Bakkah Inc. provides business advisory services to major corporations, start-ups and Small- Medium Enterprises.

We are keen in providing innovative Project Management & PMO Services to our clients because this will help us in building a long-term relationship. Our Project Management & PMO Services are tailored based on clients’ needs since we strongly believe that every client is unique with their needs. This customization is fully derived from our knowledge and expertise of best practices and local market.

We specialize in providing high-calibre generalist consulting expertise to supplement organizations. We bring clarity, structure and challenge through a rigorous and robust data-driven approach.

This isn’t your average consulting company. At Bakkah Inc., we’ve developed a completely different and innovative approach to guiding businesses through their toughest challenges. The term “standard process” doesn’t apply here, as we realize each organization is unique, and can benefit from the participation of only the most intelligent and skilled consultants. Our commitment to you is to deliver nothing less.

A key element in the success of Bakkah is the proven methodology which takes each project through the critical steps from inception through operations. Our approach focuses on ensuring that projects are properly planned and designed before implementation begins, so that the end project minimizes your risk and delivers maximum business impact.

Project Management and PMO Consulting Methodology

Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices Successful Delivery doesn’t just happen. It’s planned for with proper stakeholders management

Bakkah provides the following Project Management & PMO Services:

We work closely with our customers to build a sustainable PMO through a tactical approach that helps your organization build the necessary tools, methodology, and processes to support a consistent and repeatable approach to managing Portfolio, Programme and Project. We have developed a proven methodology and accompanying PMO templates to get your PMO up and running in a time and cost-efficient way.

Bakkah Inc. supports your business with standardizing and enhancing local project management methodologies and activities by setting up a PMO. Establishment includes deploying methodologies and standards, developing PMO Charter and identifying resources, in addition to successful corporate change management. We follow different best practices in PMO establishments to customize it as per the client needs. Our consultants focus on integrating PMO functions with the organizational chart to provide the best outcome expected, such as Center of Excellence (CoE).

Bakkah Inc. works in partnership with you to understand your goals and successfully operate an established PMO and achieve business targets and goals.

Our experienced consultants work collaboratively to implement PMO methodologies and define organization-specific processes and interfaces that ensure a continual review of project priorities and resource allocation. The result is a sustainable environment for achieving superior project results.

We offer co-management of ongoing PMO operations on an interim basis in order to transfer knowledge and effectively empower internal resources. You can rest assured that your PMO operations will achieve their stated objectives and run seamlessly.

Today’s short business cycles and higher customer expectations are driving successful organizations to change the way they manage. Project Management is at the Heart of Every Business, if you are to become successful, stay competitive and constantly improve you need to transition from traditional operational management to more of a project management approach.

Whether you need a little help or a lot of help with your project management, we have the expertise to get you up and running again through Bakkah’s project management consulting services.

If you already have an established PMO, our Advisory Services can assess your PMO and provide the matureity level through different maturity models in order to fine tune your Project Management & PMO operations. It’s common to get the basics of the PMO off the ground and then find that it’s fallen by the wayside. Our Consultants can get your PMO back in shape, recover projects at risk, and train your team to sustain the PMO.

Our senior consultants are experts at implementing Project Management Best Practice as well as providing support for other Project Management initiatives pertaining to improving business performance.

Bakkah offers a range of Project Management Services designed to assist its clients to deliver projects successfully. We pride ourselves on providing a tailored project management service that assists our clients in establishing their options, defining their project needs and managing project delivery.

Whenever needed, our Project Managers stand ready to assure the successful delivery of your projects. Take the opportunity to enrich your available project management practices with our Best Practices. Your projects will benefit from our specific expertise and experience.

Our Project Management Professionals are experienced in the application of world class project management processes. We are guided mainly by the PMBOK® Guide (Project Management Body of Knowledge of PMI), and are certified PMP® (Project Management Professional). A number of our Project Managers have also PRINCE2® certification.

When your organization needs a Project Manager, we are able to provide most professional services in this domain. Bakkah’s Project Managers will maintain the direction of your projects and ensure that the goals are achieved. The services involve:

  • Management of your project risks while delivering the expected economic value
  • Management of the triple constraint: scope, time, and cost
  • Delivery of the contracted product by the contracted date


The benefits are:

  • Assured achievement of the expected business results
  • Full control of the project
  • Avoided costs that have no justification and only little beneficial results


The critical success factor for our Project Managers is the realization of the project opportunities expected by your management, while controlling the risks. This ambition is the main driver though the implementation of the service.

P3M3 (Portfolio, Program and Project Management Maturity Model) is a model created by Axelos which provides a framework that organizations can use to benchmark their current practice and plan for improvement when managing and delivering change.

There are three sub-models for the P3M3 maturity model which are Portfolio Management (PfM3), Programme Management (PgM3) and Project Management (PjM3).

Reasons to obtain P3M3

–        To discover capability and determine which areas to concentrate on for improvement.

–        To diagnose systemic weaknesses and eliminate root causes.

–        To benchmark capability against other organizations.

–        To Certify capability through independent assessment.

–        To priorities improvement initiatives.

Bakkah Inc. is accredited as AXELOS Consulting Partner (ACP). Bakkah offers full-assessment by providing consultation, framework and assessment for organizations, which aim to use P3M3 Maturity Model in order manage their portfolio, programs or projects and put in place their improvement plans. We provide our clients with guidance to gain the P3M3 certification (valid for three years).

At Bakkah, the full-assessment can take maximally 4 to 8 weeks to get a full diagnostic report and be awarded the certificate.