State of PMO in Saudi Arabia 2021

PMO is the department that improves project management by standardizing processes and improving efficiency. They create and manage project documentation and best practices, track metrics, and provide training. They can also report project progress to line managers, help prioritize projects, and ensure that all projects support the company's overall business goals.

Bakkah launched a survey for PMO managers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and issued a PMO report according to the results of the survey. The report aims to give a full insight of the PMO state in KSA and demonstrates accurate results where more than 155 institutions in public and private sectors from all over the Kingdom participated in this survey.

The report contains 6 sections with vast accurate information in numbers based on the survey results as follows: Demography, PMO, Maturity Assessment, Certifications, Capacity, State of Project, and tools and Dashboards.