If your organization lacks the availability of professionals, through this service, we at Bakkah can provide your organization with the most professional services in this domain. By examining your organization’s status along with the required department, our professionals will stand ready to assure the successful management and execution of your job duties. Bakkah possesses certified and experienced employees that will maintain the direction of your organization and ensure that the goals are achieved.

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90% of recruiting time

is saved through outsourcing services

59% of businesses

use outsourcing to reduce expenses

83% of talents

change their opinions about the organization due to bad interview

23% of outsourcing

providers have unqualified resources

80% of job seekers

are discouraged to consider new opportunities in organizations that do not notify them of their application status

50% of businesses

face challenges in hiring new employees

24% of small businesses

use outsourcing to increase the efficiency of their business

60% of job seekers

quit filling out an employment application due to its length or complexity

Bakkah Consulting helps you to achieve Results

Professionals Outsourcing

  • Certified and experienced professionals in many fields
  • Increase efficiency and reduce expenses
  • Ensure the achievement of expected business results
  • Ensure the implementation of the best practices in any management
  • Avoid unjustifiable costs leading to minimal results
  • Transfer the related experience to your employees

Executives Headhunting

  • Highly qualified candidates for senior & executive positions
  • Support you to focus on core business functions
  • Source & identify the most qualified candidates to match your requirements
  • Provide wide-ranging networks of certified & experienced professionals and potential candidates
  • Speed of filling the vacant position and minimize the administrative work of recruiting

Bakkah Management Consulting Methodology

it contains 4 steps and 10 perspectives

Building Capabilities

  • Professional Programs
  • Executive Programs
  • Customized Programs
  • Exams & Certifications
  • Professionals Outsourcing
  • Executive Headhunting
  • Board Services

Sustainable Value Creation

  • Strategy Development
  • Corporate Governance
  • Frameworks & Methedologies
  • Organizational Design
  • SMO, PMO & HR Setup
  • Total Reward Management
  • Dashboards & Reports