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Decision Making Skills

Decision Making Skills Training Course

2 Days Instructor Led Course | 12 PDUs

Course Description

In Decision Making Skills training course, you will learn how to apply systematic decision-making processes in order to reduce risk and choose the best course of action for the project, team, the organization, and you. This course reveals the steps necessary to making decisions that are aligned with business objectives and provides problem solving tools to address a range of challenges that every leader encounters.

Decision Making Skills training course is for those who want to learn a process for making better critical decisions in order to increase their effectiveness and results within their organizations.

The aim of the Decision Making Skills training course is to “put a mirror” in front of the decision maker – to present the main factors taking part in the decision process, along with the ways in which they bias it. After being equipped with the relevant knowledge, the course will provide debasing and correcting strategies, enabling participants to guard against flaws and biases and thus improve their decisions.

Course Objective

  • Establish decision making processes that work across organizational silos and enterprise boundaries.
  • Successfully implement the five levels of decision making and learn when to use them situationally.
  • Clearly define and frame complex issues using structured decision-making models.
  • Implement consensus decision-making models effectively.
  • Quickly and successfully identify root causes and analyze problems.
  • Identify and select priorities.
  • Effectively assess and manage risk critically evaluating costs, risks, benefits and impact.

Targeted Audience

Executives, managers, team and project leads, and emerging leaders who make decisions about capital, talent, products or services.

Delivery Method

  • Instructor-led, 2-Days intensive Decision Making Skills training program
  • Material and discussion language will be in Arabic/ English



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Decision Making Skills Training Course Outline

Introduction & Definition

  • Defining Decision Making
  • Types of Decision
  • Facts Vs Information
  • Decision making traps


  • Decision Information
  • Individual Actions Steps
  • Group planning
  • Exercise

Decision Analysis

  • Identify scope and gain consensus
  • Identifying objectives and then choices
  • Identify criteria that will be used to evaluate choices
  • Robust techniques for comparing performance of alternatives
  • Risks associated with alternatives

Making Good Group Decisions

  • Working toward the decision
  • Avoiding fatal mistakes
  • Types of Decision
  • Facts Vs Information
  • Decision making traps