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HR Department Basics for the Deaf

5 Days Instructor Led Course | 3 hours per day

Course Description

HR is considered one of the important elements to achieve objectives and goals set within any organization, Human Resources department deals with a basic set of functions that will improve the quality of labor utilized within the organization in terms of recruitment, selection and appointment and also in terms of raising the competency of workers  within the organization whether through training or motivation.

HR Department Setup training course is considered a good entry to understand the nature of work in the human resources department , as it includes general administration concepts, an explanation of the main functions of the human resources department, personal characteristics of the personnel working in this vital department and it also provides a range of challenges which face workers in this administration.

Course Objective

  • Grasp the meaning of human resources department , its objectives and functions.
  • Explain how to manage different elements human resources such as preparation organizational
  • Provide participants with the most successful practices in the field of Manpower management and practical solutions that help in increasing the productivity of employees.
  • Enable managers to build experience in Human Resources Management and detect potential capabilities of employees and invest in it and develop it effectively.

Targeted Audience

Those interested in human resources management from the Deaf

Number of seats

15 seats


5 days / 3 hours per day

Course condition

 Registration is for Saudi deaf only



HR Department Setup Training Course Outline

Introduction to Human Resources Management

  • Definition of Human Resources Management
  • Functions of Human Resources Management
  • Objectives of Human Resources Management
  • Importance of Human Resources Management and its benefits
  • Readiness of the organization for Human Resources Management

Human Resources Functions

  • Responsibilities and functions of Human Resources Management
  • Human Resources Management functions: polarization, selection, appointment, Salaries and benefits, performance management
  • Needs, transportation and promotions.
  • Concepts and objectives of Job analysis and job descriptions
  • Exercises and group workshops

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