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Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Onboarding

Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Onboarding Training Course

3 Days Instructor Led Course | 18 PDUs

Course Description

During Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Onboarding training course we will work on enhancing the skills and capabilities in optimal use of Manpower  and effective planning of human resources in both the short and long term. We will also discuss the prime knowledge areas and necessary skills of interest to participants, such as concepts of Manpower  planning, effective Manpower  planning system requirements, phases of Manpower  planning, best practices in the selection and recruitment of Manpower , enhancing work skills outside and inside the organization, the basis for maintaining and developing  Manpower , Onboarding programs, methodology , tools and techniques supported by  case studies and practical problems and exercises.

Course Objective

  • Identify the concepts of manpower planning and the requirements for effective Manpower planning including a clear insight to all the phases, operations, tools ,templates and more.
  • Enable the trainees from acquiring the necessary skills that will enable to them to perform Manpower planning, selection, and recruitment activities.
  • Learn the basics of maintaining Manpower.

Targeted Audience

Executive Leaders, HR Managers, Manpower  Planning Managers, Departmental Managers and Supervisors, Human Resource Specialist.

Delivery Method

  • Instructor-led, 3-Days intensive Manpower Planning, Recruitment & Onboarding training program
  • Material and discussion language will be in Arabic/ English



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Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Onboarding Course Outline

General Concepts for Manpower Planning

  • The concept and importance of manpower planning
  • Interrelation between Manpower planning and the Manpower management
  • Who puts work plans
  • The basic components for successful Manpower planning
  • Factors that affect work force planning
  • The benefits of Manpower planning

Manpower  planning Process

  • Labor market study
  • Identify the variables or factors that impact Manpower planning
  • Identify methods that can be used in the forecasting process.
  • Estimate the size and the quality of require Manpower in the organization
  • Resolving Analysis results
  • The nature of Manpower planning and its methodology
  • Identify the types of jobs and types of required personnel
  • Determine the types of jobs and number of personnel required for each job
  • Forecast what is available within the organization and in the market
  • Determine the surplus of deficit in each set of jobs
  • Develop an action plan
  • Implement and evaluate the action plan

Steps and Procedures for Manpower  planning

  • Steps and procedures for Manpower planning
  • Forecast forces of supply and demand
  • Determine the objectives and policies of the Manpower
  • Programming Manpower
  • Monitoring and Evaluating
  • Factors that determine Manpower plans
  • The relationship between Manpower planning and the strategy of the organization
  • Tools and technical methods for Manpower planning and its use for competitive advantage
  • Manpower planning as a source for competitive advantage

Introduction to the process of employees onboarding

  • Concepts of onboarding
  • Benefit of onboarding
  • Functions of onboarding
  • Readiness of the organization for the process of onboarding

Onboarding Methodology

  • Objectives of onboarding plans
  • onboarding methods
  • Pre-joining preparations
  • Post-joining Preparations
  • Onboarding executives
  • Examples and practical applications

Onboarding Programs

  • Steps for designing onboarding programs
  • Workflow
  • Tools and templates used for onboarding
  • Preparation of program schedules and coordinating events and participations
  • Executing onboarding programs
  • Following up and evaluating onboarding programs