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Training & Development & Talent Management

Training & Development & Talent Management Training Course

3 Days Instructor Led Course | 18 PDUs

Course Description

Training is considered a means for developing human capital which affects the level of functional competence of employees, as training and development is considered  an integrated framework and a strategic option in the modern Human resources management and development in order to cope with the challenges of the changing business requirements. This is based on the fact that training leads to practical and technical knowledge transfer which in turn enables the organization to address and challenges faced due to the accelerated knowledge within the work environment. During this training courses  we will discuss all the policies and procedures followed in training and development according to the best practices in this field. Additionally, all the procedures and the mechanisms that are adopted to implements training and development systems.

Course Objective

  • Identify inputs, outputs, activities , procedures related to training and development systems and acquire necessary skills to understand it.
  • Acquired skills and qualifications necessary to prepare individual development plans.
  • Develop training and development activities based on the best practice in the field relating to training needs identification and setting required training plans.

Targeted Audience

Human resources managers, operations managers, Manpower planning managers, training and career development managers, people involved in training and development.

Delivery Method

  • Instructor-led, 3-Days intensive Training & Development & Talent Management training program
  • Material and discussion language will be in Arabic/ English



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Training & Development & Talent Management Course Outline

Training & Development Function

  • Identify training and development
  • Training & development framework
  • Training and development benefits
  • Readiness of the organization for training and development
  • Roles of parties involved in training and development

Training & development Methodology

  • Study and analyze training & development needs
  • Prepare training and development plan
  • Budget for training & development
  • Apply and revise training & development yearly plans
  • Review effectiveness of training & development
  • Forms of training
  • Exercises and practical examples

Training & Development on the individual level

  • Identify and plan training & development needs
  • Planning and delivery of training courses
  • Measure the impact of training
  • Scholarships
  • Application and review of training & development individual plans
  • Review of the effectiveness of training and individual training plans
  • Exercises and practical applications

Introduction to Integrated Talent Management

  • Definitions, models for talent management
  • Integrative track for talent management
  • Prepare job descriptions for employees
  • The purpose of each job in the organization
  • Talent Management framework
  • Advantages of talent management
  • Reconciling roles towards achieving organizational goals

Setup and implement integrated training management

  • Impact of talent management on the performance of the organization and the business
  • Substantial success factors in integrated talent management
  • Examples and practical applications

Talent Management Methodology

  • Planning and selection
  • Identification and evaluation
  • Development and promotion
  • Integrate and retain staff
  • The basis for application of the competencies framework- based talent management
  • Tools for measuring the competency-based management
  • Examples and practical examples