SHRM versus CIPD in Saudi Arabia

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In this article we define and differentiate between the most two important international institutions in the field of human resources management which are: The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in USA and The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) of Britain, also with some details we mention the advantages of working with them inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Both institutions provide global certified standards and professional procedures for managing the daily activities related to human resources management, each of them has its own standards that fit the nature of the institution and the nature of the country.

To get certified by CIPD or SHRM is not an aim, but the target is the amount of knowledge and experience that individuals will obtain by attending one of these institutions’ programs. We would like to note that 41% of leaders of human resources management in the Kingdome are planning to invest about 20,000 SR for the individual, who work in human resources management, in order to develop their abilities and then improve the performance of their organizations.

Why do we care about the human resources market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

The employment market in the kingdom is characterized by its power and enormous resources, it is also known for not being influenced by the sharp drop in oil prices in the recent period, the political stability inside the kingdom helped a lot in that. CIPD in its latest study in 2015 found that 86% of the human resources leaders in the different Saudi institutions believe in getting a global credit certificate in human resource management as a condition of employment in human resources management department.

What is (SHRM)?

SHRM is abbreviation of Society for Human Resources Management, it’s an institution which was founded in 1948 in the united states of a group of only 28 people, and now it is considered the strongest global reference for human resources organizations. The number of its members exceeds 275,000 and it spreads in more than 160 countries around the world, the Association offers all the resources that serve HR professionals and distinctive practices for human resources management, and it has more than 575 offices in the United States of America, China, India and the United Arab Emirates.

SHRM believes that the professional human resources can achieve the aims and strategies of the organization through their experience and expertise. In order to achieve that, these human resources must be developed and make use of their capacity.

SHRM Certificate

You can get a certification from Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) in the USA in one of the following titles:

  • The Professional in Human Resources certification (PHR).
  • The Senior Professional in Human Resources certification (SPHR).


What is (CIPD)?

CIPD is abbreviation for Chartered Institute of Personal and Development which is known also as The British High Human Resources Institute. Chartered is, a specialized institution in human development, located in London. It was founded in 1913 and aims to help organizations around the world in building, leading and employing an integrated system for human resources. The institute is considered the largest in Europe that concerns with human and professional development; it includes more than 135,000 members working in 120 countries around the world, and has more than 48 branches.

CIPD Certificate

You can get several certifications from CIPD in five courses which are :

1- Certificate in Training Practice (CTP).

2- Certificate in Personnel Practice (CPP).

3- Certificate in Recruitment and Selection (CRS).

4- Certificate in Employment Relations, Law and Practice (CERLAP).

5- Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring (CCM).

Which is better for the market of Saudi Arabia, SHRM or CIPD?

  • Getting any certificate from these two institutes is significant in hiring, but the views and convictions differs about which are the best. However, there may be some special cases where a person can decide which field to choose. The existence of several sub-areas where you can get accredited certificates which cover most aspects of human resource management, where we find that the majority of CIPD certificate holders are working in two precise areas: training management and performance management.
  • CIPD is considered more flexible than SHRM which focuses on human resources management according to the US laws.
  • CIPD Institute does not require long experience to get the adoption of one of its certificates which is considered an advantage for those who have little experience, in order to get global certificates and develop themselves.


Individuals’ salaries level of CIPD or SHRM in Saudi Arabia

The average annual income in Saudi Arabia, for those who has CIPD degree.

– With an experience of 1-4 years, it’s up to 171,000 Saudi riyals.

– With an experience of 10-19 years, it’s up to 338,761 Saudi riyals.

The average annual income in Saudi Arabia, for those who has SHRM degree.

– With an experience of 5-9 years, it’s up to 175,800 Saudi riyals.

– With an experience of 10-19 years, it’s up to 420,000 Saudi riyals.


To conclude, we can say that each institution or individual has their own situation, in which they can decide where to go; generally it has become a must to get an international certification in human resources management in order to work in the market of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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