22 Apr 2019

Total Rewards Strategy

consulting.Posted By Bakkah Inc.

Deloitte defines total rewards as “the critical integration of an organization’s approach to incenting and rewarding its talent.” that means building good relationship between the organization and its employees relying on specific system for rewarding the assets of the or...

14 Apr 2019

HR Manual

consulting.Posted By Bakkah Inc.

When a new employee started his first day at specific organization, he felt confused about the policy and the strategy of it. So here the organization's role appears to spotlight on the Human resource manual that unleash mystery. HR Manual Definition  HR manual is a document includes the polic...

4 Dec 2018

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, companies are facing two challenges, one is to produce or perform the finest products and services and one is to gain the talent needed to produce or perform them. The more knowledge needed to build and deliver products and services, the more ...