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Roles and Functions of Human Resource Management

Human resource management (HRM) involves the management of an organization’s workforce to achieve business objectives. This includes fulfilling the organization’s staffing needs and maintaining ideal workplace conditions. The HR department accomplishes this by utilizing HR strategies and...

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Total Rewards Strategy

22 Apr 2019

Deloitte defines total rewards as “the critical integration of an organization’s approach to incenting and rewarding its talent.” that means building good relationship between the organization and its employees relying on specific system for rewarding the assets of the or...

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HR Manual .. All you Need To Know

14 Apr 2019

When a new employee started his first day at specific organization, he felt confused about the policy and the strategy of it. So here the organization's role appears to spotlight on the Human resource manual that unleash mystery. HR Manual Definition  HR manual is a document includes the polic...

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