Do you Know


22% of employees

left their job due to lack of professional development


45% of turnover

is due to employee burnout


67% of candidates

want to join a diverse team


65% of employees

do not get clear job description prior to beginning their jobs


61% of new hires

do no get any training on company culture


53% of HR professionals

say employee engagement increases when onboarding is improved


78% of employees

would remain longer with their employer if they see a career path


56% of employees

say additional paid time off would make them more loyal to an organization


17% of employees

leave their organization because of organizational uncertainty

Bakkah Consulting helps you to achieve Results

Maturity Assessment

  • Assessment
  • Observations
  • Benchmarking
  • Recommendations
  • Quick-wins
  • Comprehensive observations report that identifies your organization’s current capabilities and weaknesses
  • Benchmarking organization’s capability against others in the sector and industry
  • Comprehensive recommendations report that eliminates root causes and reduce costs
  • Transformation plans and initiatives for improvements

HR Policies & Processes

  • Organizational Design
  • Policies & Processes
  • Grading & Compensations
  • ESOP and LTIP
  • Salary Scale Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • Competency Frameworks
  • Design your organization to align with the strategy and ensure realization of outcomes and benefits
  • Provide you with governance that clarify roles and responsibilities and increase transparency in your organization
  • Provide you with policy and procedure to govern the relationship between the organization and employees
  • Provide you with compensations and benefits guidelines that ensure fair and competitive rewards for employees and executives

Tools & Dashboards

  • Requirement Analysis
  • HR Tools
  • HR Reports
  • HR Dashboards
  • Provide you with interactive tools and dashboards that improve monitoring and controlling of your business
  • Provide you with customized reports that satisfies different stakeholders requirements
  • Increase visibility and transparency in your organization
  • Improve productivity and support decision making in your organization

Sample of Our Clients

Ministry of Education
Ministry of Transport
Public Investment Fund
Ministry of Finance
Riyadh Airports

Bakkah Management Consulting Methodology

it contains 4 steps and 10 perspectives

Building Capabilities

  • Professional Programs
  • Executive Programs
  • Customized Programs
  • Exams & Certifications
  • Professionals Outsourcing
  • Executive Headhunting
  • Board Services

Sustainable Value Creation

  • Strategy Development
  • Corporate Governance
  • Frameworks & Methedologies
  • Organizational Design
  • SMO, PMO & HR Setup
  • Total Reward Management
  • Dashboards & Reports

Take your Business Up

Bakkah has all the critical factor to deliver real result

Global expertise with local understanding

Consulting Methodology

We practice a methodology that we have developed over 10 years, based on local and global best practices

Market-based solutions

10+ Years of Experience

Our consulting experiences in different industries gave us deep knowledge to provide the best customer experience

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Sustainable Value Guaranteed

We are committed to review and enhance all accepted deliverables after project completion for free

Help your business to revive and shine

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