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Application of PMO in government entities in Saudi Arabia

Institutions usually face the similar difficulties in managing projects, those difficulties can be summed up in their inability to execute projects within the budget and the schedule defined, thus affecting the outputs of these projects and causing customers dissatisfaction. The idea of PMOs emerged...

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Prosci's change management methodology

10 May 2015

Change management is applying a set of tools, processes, skills and HR management principles, in order to achieve the required output of changing a project or an initiative, it’s also defined as: A repairing process aims to fix faults, mistakes and deficiencies within the organization accordin...

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What's the ROI of using Outsourcing Model?

19 Apr 2015

New companies or projects often face major problems with revenue. It is very common not to have sufficient revenue in the first six months of operation to cover operational costs such as: Rents, prime operating expenses such as payroll, and other related costs which lead companies to ask for loans r...

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