How HR Maintenance Improves Job Commitment

4 Jul 2021

The competition of organizations does not limit to more profit, but it depends on competent and qualified manpower. For this purpose, there is no doubt that Human Resource is the most important capital in any organization since HR maintenance enhances the organization's success by enhancing employees' job commitment and their focus towards achieving the organization’s prime goals.  

Job commitment 

In order to understand how HR maintenance helps improve job commitment, we need first to learn more about it. Employee commitment is the degree to which an employee identifies with the organization and wants to continue actively participating in it. It is a key determinant of effectiveness and productivity in the organization. To create job commitment, employees must go through three sequential stages: 

  1. Compliance: accepting the influence of others to obtain something from them. 
  2. Identification: accepting influence in order to maintain a satisfying relationship. 
  3. Internalization: realizing that the values of the organization to be intrinsically rewarding and compatible with the personal values. 

Human Resource Maintenance 

HR maintenance is the process of designing safety, medical care plans, and welfare actions for employees. It works to meet employees' tangible and intangible needs and expectations that naturally vary from an organization to another, which in turn enhances job commitment.  

HR Maintenance Aspects 

This article throws light upon the top aspects HR maintenance is responsible to cover. They are as follows:   

  • Health 

It includes a series of health procedures followed throughout the hiring process. For example, some organizations perform medical examine before hiring to ensure that the candidate is physically fit to perform duties, otherwise, it will cause an increase in labor turnover. Medical care actions can also include plans to make better diseases that happen due to work conditions. 

  • Safety 

Maintaining employees' safety is mainly about trying to decrease some hazards that relate to work. Safety is obtained by proper inspection of the workplace, fire protection, first-aid premises, and arranging safety education programs. It can also include financial supports such as accident insurance, life insurance, retirement actions and so on. 

  • Welfare 

These services do not relate to the individual job, but rather, they relate to voluntary efforts by the employers to take care of the well-being of workers by employers. HR maintenance of welfare includes anything that is done for the comfort and improvement of employees and is provided over and above the wages. It can be measured through:  

  1. Economic Measures: including health services and first aid, paid holidays, profit sharing, and pension and insurance scheme.  
  2. Facilitation Measures: including housing, transport, lunch facility, sale of company products on discount to employees, restrooms and measures to reduce fatigue. 
  3. Recreational Measures: including games and sports, trips, cultural programs and social get-togethers. 
  • Human Relations 

Employee-employer relations are mainly responsible to take the full use of physical energy, skill and mental aptitude. Relations help strengthen job commitment because employees are not influenced by economic factors only, but also psychological factors. Good employee-employer relations are important because one can buy man’s time and physical presence at a particular place but his enthusiasm, initiative, loyalty and devotion to duty cannot be bought.  

To improve human relations, HR maintenance takes into consideration:  

  1. Respect: It is a moral basis for human relations. Every employee should be treated with respect and their ideas and suggestions must be heard.  
  2. Decent wages to fulfill at least employees' minimum needs.  
  3. Special inducement, such as promotion, bonuses, etc, is important to get the maximum output. 
  4. Open communication and exchange of views and feelings improve mutual understanding between employees and maintain stable relations with the employer.  
  5. Social responsibility and mutual trust to increase cooperation and reduce conflicts.  
  • Personnel Records  

Personnel records, reports, and audits are important to perform a periodical evaluation as to how effectively the human resources are being utilized. They are especially useful for providing: 

  1. Information required for taking decisions on personnel matters. 
  2. Evidence of what has taken place in the organization. 
  3. A basis for evaluating, formulating, and modifying the personnel policies and programs. 

Effect of HR Maintenance on Job Commitment 

Commitment is usually stronger among longer-term employees, those who have experienced personal success in the organization, and those working with a committed employee group. However, variables or dimensions of the HR maintenance system still have a vital role in increasing individuals’ perceptions toward the organization. 

Organizations should create a feeling in their employees that they are very important capitals. Therefore, when their economic, social, and physical wants are fulfilled, they will further be comfortable, satisfied and more prolific, decreasing turnover and improving productivity. In other words, they will not look for other job opportunities and the employer in turn will keep the best talents.  


Job commitment that shows an individual’s attitude toward the organization is an essential challenge in modern organizations. It leads not only towards higher productivity but also improves the quality of performance which helps to capture the market share which is profitable for the company.  

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