Why Employer Branding Is Important for Your Company’s Hiring Success

7 Jan 2020

Branding is often associated with the marketing side. Your company logo and brand messaging give people an in-depth look into what your company is all about. While delivering the right message for your marketing efforts is the focus of company branding, the recruiting benefits of branding are neglected.

The strategies for recruiting candidates and retaining employees have changed over the years. This is mainly due to advancements in technology, the growth of social media, online job sites. Without a strong brand, a company might be missing on the opportunity to hire the best candidates.

An Introduction To Employer Branding

Employer branding reflects a company’s reputation as an employer and the different benefits it offers to its employees. Employer branding communicates the organization’s identity, working culture, and what makes it stand out from other companies.

A strong brand helps you land the best talent while helping you retain employees. It creates a strong sense of loyalty among employees, turning them into valuable representatives of your company. By sharing their stories, employees can attract people into applying.

Who are the Entities Involved in Employer Branding?

The first thing that comes into mind would be the human resource department, but they are just part of the employer branding equation. The HR department will always take the lead role in recruiting new talent. But in developing your employer branding, the marketing team and management are also major contributors.

According to Glassdoor, 11 percent of job seekers would decline job offers made by employers with a bad reputation. This is because younger applicants prefer to work for companies whose cultures are similar to their core values and beliefs.

Why Employer Branding Matters?

Here are a few reasons that we think will explain to you why employer branding is so important. Take a look below to get familiar with all the reasons:

Candidates are Looking for Companies with a Clear Vision and Values

Today's new generation of job seekers places great value on companies with a clear vision. More than half of them will accept a pay cut if it means working for a company that shares their values. Creating a company brand that resonates with the younger generation is critical to getting the top new talent. Having your values as your main selling point when hiring employees gives them a clearer picture of the impact your company has on the world.

Increases the Pool of Qualified Candidates

Branding helps your company resonate better by sharing your values. With more people attracted to your company, you are not only able to cast a wider net but also able to attract better candidates. You could also use your employee’s stories as part of your branding. You could give potential candidates an inside look into what your employees find good about working with your company. This could save you the time and costs of explaining to potential candidates why you have the best place to work.

Candidates are Searching for Diversity and Culture in a Company

More candidates are looking for companies with diversity and lively culture. By instituting diversity into your company's branding, you don't only make your workplace ethically rewarding but also fun. You must embrace diversity and create a culture of fun in your company. Even the smallest perks, such as comfortable couches or break rooms, can be make-or-break for potential candidates.

Enhance your Social Media Presence

According to Business2Community, Social media has become a powerful marketing tool for business. But more than selling your products and services, it can also be used to bring additional awareness to your company. By leveraging the benefits of branding into your social media sites, you can give your company additional exposure and reach out to more people. Studies have also shown that a quarter of job seekers use social media as a primary tool for their job searchers, and the numbers are expected to grow.

Improve Employee Retention and Recruit New Candidates

A strong brand will make your employees feel proud of the company they are working for. Being part of a company with a great culture make it easier to retain employees. This can save you from hiring new employees keeping great talent on the job. With better branding, applicants become more aware of the benefits of working with you. This will give them an idea if they would be a perfect fit for your company, which translates to long-term employees.

Candidates are Looking for Forward-Looking Companies

Younger candidates, specifically millennials, look for future-looking companies. These tech-savvy generations regard new technologies as the way to move forward. A company needs to embrace technology and include this in their branding. As an employer, you must demonstrate to candidates that you are dedicated to using technology to power your future. By being tech-focused, you will be able to attract the best candidates to meet your future needs.

Turn your Employees into Recruiters

Building strong brand results in happier, more satisfied employees. As a result, employees become brand ambassadors who are living testaments to how great it is to work for your company. The more your employees express their positive experience, the more people become attracted to working for you. From these experiences, your branding becomes stronger and can reach more people through word of mouth.

Reduces Costs and Saves Company Resources

Save on costly recruiting services and make hiring new employees quicker by building a stronger brand. Cut down on advertising and promotions by letting your brand speak for your company. Spending on your recruiting efforts can help you attract more people, but this does necessarily translate to better candidates.

A well-known brand does not require the same effort or spending on its recruiting services. Money spent on recruiting is better spent on building your brand. This has a more lasting and positive effect. With a stronger brand, you don't need to reach out to potential candidates, candidates find you themselves.


So, that's everything you should know about employer branding. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and it has delivered some valuable information to you. For more such articles and blogs related to business management, training, and outsourcing, stay tuned with Bakkah. Thanks for reading this post.

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